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Motorola CDM1250

The Motorola CDM 1250 is available in used or factory remanufactured. These are extremely versatile and are by far the absolute best node and EchoLink transceivers available. True FM, push-pull audio. programmable rear accessory connector for limitless options. Discriminator output, channel steering, digital PTT, flat audio input, pre-emphised audio input, external alarm in / out and much more.

These are perfect for APRS, Packet, MMDVM and EchoLink.. These are available with rack mount.

Fully programmable. Software is NOT included. Must be programmed by W5TXR Engineering before shipment.

Motorola software is licensed and is very expensive. Please don't ask for copies.

Channel flexibility

Operates on choice of 64 channels.

Alphanumeric screen

14-character display uses icons and text provide clear indication.

Switchable channel spacing

Migrates easily between 25-kHz and 12.5-kHz frequencies.

Customizable buttons

Four buttons allow users to add favorite features.

MDC1200 encode signaling

Sends information via digital signals.

Selective radio inhibit

Remotely deactivates a lost or stolen radio.

Scan function

Continually monitors channels for activity.

Powerful loudspeaker

Faces front rather than on top for maximum clarity.

Quik CallTM and MDC 1200 signaling

Sends and receives through features such as Push-to-Talk ID, Selective Call and Call Alert.

Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)

Displays signal status, for better monitoring of communication.

Performance Characteristics

  • Coverage area
    Programming software allows adjustable power output for varying coverage
  • Power levels
    45 Watts
  • Frequency range
  • VHF: 136–174MHz or UHF: 403–512MHz

Used transceivers are tested to Motorola specifications

Our service monitor an IFR 1200 Super S is calibrated and NIST traceable.

$                   Used

$                   Factory Remanufactured