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W5TXR Engineering 3.0 EchoLink Interface

The W5TXR Engineering 3.0 EchoLink interface is undergone some changes, not to make it cheaper, but better.

A turnkey unit is available with Yaesu or Icom transceiver.

A Rack mounted option is available.

The 3.0 EchoLink interface has the Proto-Playground a generous prototype area for hams that need or want special functions on the interface.

A COS buffer was aded.

High end transceivers (Motorola - Harris) are not a problem, push-pull audio is a PCB jumperable option.

TX and RX audio pot values were adjusted for optimum analog and digitized audio.

All components are through hole, no SMT parts. No cheap junk here.

A separate transceiver/receiver audio input for interface control.

A huge transceiver cable choice is available.

An optional conformal coating is available.

           The W5TXR Engineering 3.0 EchoLink Interface